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Welcome to Dysart Primary School

Dysart State School is a medium sized school in the small rural town of Dysart, in Central Queensland. Our town is primarily a mining town with most of our parents working in nearby mines or related industries that support mining, including shops and small business. Our vision is to develop students as life-long learners and responsible citizens. Our curricula and extra curricula activities focus on the explicit teaching of literacy through all Key Learning Areas, and  pro-social and restorative justice skills through positive behaviour learning as a commitment to developing students as safe, friendly learners.  Our improvement foci are , reading, attendance and STEM (digital technologies). Our targets are:- 100% of Year 3 and 5 students at or above NMS with 50 - 70% in the upper two bands in reading, 98% attendance rate across all classes and teachers implementing digital technologies with fidelity as evidenced by observations and feedback,  by the end of 2017.  Our Investing for Success funding is utilised to drive these improvement targets with strategies that include, consistent communication of high expectations with support and feedback to know how to improve, targeted intervention from teachers and teacher aides, targeted professional development for all teachers and teacher aides  around the teaching of literacy across all KLAs and the implementation of observation and feedback loops across classroom staff.
We work very closely with our P & C to develop a supportive school environment and strive to provide our students with interesting and engaging opportunities across a range of events and activities including, GRIP Leadership, Fun Friends Program, lunchtime sports, writers group, student council, lunch with the Principal and sport specific programs from visiting codes. In 2017 we will continue to develop our Mental Health Learning and Wellbeing program to enhance our supportive school environment for students, staff and our families. 

Our school children are encouraged to become Dysart Dynamos by embellishing our values of:

  • I am safe
  • I am friendly
  • I am a learner.



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